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About me

Born 09.04.1987 in USSR. First own personal computer was on Intel Pentium 166 CPU in 1996.

Now developing 3D graphics related tools primarily using Python Blender API and Rust at Phygitalism.

Part-time lecturer at Scream School and MAI.

Practicing Rust at Codewars.

Feel free to mail me.

Tips are appreciated.


3D Object Classification, Visual Search from RGB-D Data.

Ray Cast Visual Search (RCVS). Fast and simple algorithm for searching 3D objects with similar shapes. English Russian

Synthetic data generation with Blender. Russian


Eyek - Blender add-on for texturing by projection mapping from multiple images to one UV.


Polemika - released.

Bagburnian Remote - in development.


Triangle - Rust Struct for geometric triangles. Includes Barycentric-Cartesian transforms and stuff.

Zenclock - Clock that shows exact time once a minute and flows randomly rest of time.

WTF - Web Text Finder - CLI tool to start web browser with search engine depending on language of query.

XYZ_RGB - Two-ways converter between point clouds OBJ and 16 bit PNG images.

My NeoVim configuration.